Hypnosis makes medical treatment more effective in many health conditions that affect women, and in some conditions, is or should be the first line treatment.  I am giving a free talk entitled “Healing from Within- Hypnosis in Women’s Health Care” and a Q&A session on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at 6:00 pm at The Healing Sanctuary, 400 N. Tustin Ave, Ste 380, Santa Ana, CA 92705 Space is limited so please call 714-730-2233 to reserve a seat.


There are many common health issues that affect women almost exclusively.  These include many gynecologic issues such as chronic pelvic pain, gynecologic cancer, infertility and menopause, and hypnosis has been shown to significantly reduce symptoms and improve quality of life related to these issues.  Other conditions limited almost exclusively to women include pregnancy and childbirth and breast cancer, and hypnosis is used successfully as an adjunct to traditional medical care or as part of an integrative medical plan with other alternative treatments.


Then there are many problems that afflict both sexes but are much more common in women, including anxiety and phobias, depression, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain syndromes including fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, and irritable bowel disease.  In these problems, women often come to see a hypnotherapist after medical treatment and psychotherapy fail to give them relief.  But research has shown that in many of these conditions hypnosis should be considered as part of the first line treatment and in many cases is more effective than medical treatment.


Hypnosis is particularly useful in eliminating unhealthy habits including eating disorders, smoking and other dysfunctional behaviors related to emotional causes.  In hypnosis, clients learn to recognize the emotional triggers of unhealthy habits and redirect their feelings to substitute healthy behaviors instead.  So, instead of just being a “treatment,” hypnosis is a learning experience that clients can continue to use on their own to change their entire lifestyle if they wish.  For more information please come to the talk or call my confidential toll free number, 888-210-1121.


Have a healthy and happy New Year,

Gideon Strich, MD