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Gideon Strich, M.D.
Orange County Hypnosis

I help people recover from illness and injury, using proven methods of clinical hypnosis. As a physician, I specialize in medical applications of hypnosis for the treatment of a wide range of disorders and diseases, including chronic pain, I.B.S. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), cancer related illness and treatment side effects, auto-immune disorders and many other areas where hypnosis has proven efficacy in medical treatment.

I also help people change behaviors and unwanted emotions. Do you experience depression or anxiety? Are you trying to finally lose weight by making lifelong change? Hypnosis is a proven method to quit smoking, and I can help you to stop for good! I provide compassionate care, and personalized attention. Call me at (888) 210-1121.

Medical. Emotional. Habit Control.

Professional compassionate care, with personal attention from Dr. Strich

Who I work with
I work with people who want to feel their best again! I help people stop unwanted habits and behaviors and start living a healthy lifestyle. I work with people recovering from disease and illness. I work with other physicians to provide comprehensive and integrative care. I can help you to feel your best again, and make the changes that will make life better at every level. Call me today and find out how hypnosis can become a part of your healthy life.
How we can work together
Simply call me at (888) 210-1121 and we can talk about your goals, your medical history, and I can answer questions about how medical and clinical hypnosis can support positive outcomes.
I provide customized sessions based on your individual needs and medical history. I will give you personal attention and help you to make lasting change. I want to be your partner in lifelong health. Orange County hypnosis.

Contact Dr. Gideon Strich now to ask any questions.


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